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Don't Hire a Computer Geek.  Hire a Professional.

When someone else fixes it for you without providing preventative

strategies, you end up paying twice for the same thing...

We use industry leading practices. 10 years of servicing computers has allowed us to provide a unique service to the Tucson area.  For tutoring, we use the I DO, YOU DO method.  We write down the steps to make sure you learn and have your own personalized notes.

Computer Teacher

Digital Professors are friendly technology experts who offer

competitive services plus we teach you how to use your devices.


Not everyone who knows computers can teach.  Digital Professors are trained to resolve your technical issues while teaching you the way that fits you so you can learn naturally and comfortably.


If it's digital, we know it, use it, and teach it.

Founded in 2010

Joshua Glyn-Anderson lived in New Jersey for the first 24 years of his life and, when given the chance, moved to Arizona in 1997.  He has been an Arizona Certified K-8 Teacher for the past 20 years.  Joshua started working at the Oro Valley Library in 2009 and realized there was a huge need for in-home computer instruction because so many people were left behind in the digital revolution.  Digital Professors, LLC was born out of his natural desire to help others in need.  Now, Digital Professors is a leader in the Computer Education and Service markets in Tucson and the surrounding areas.


We understand you are not in school anymore.  Our program takes into account that people have different skills and needs. As teachers, Digital Professors  assess your skills based on what you know -- not what you don't know.


We make learning computer skills fun.  Lessons and materials are high-quality and user-friendly with clear objectives.


We monitor progress and provide plenty of independent practice to make sure your money is well spent.


Call today to setup a custom class at your home or office.

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